Can Lubbock Junior Academy use a Flashmob to share our faith? Can it be used to tell others about Jesus? In late September we went to the Apple Orchard in Idalou, TX. We stood in front of the gazebo and sang, “Take Off Those Rags, Lazarus,” to 25 Kindergarteners and their teachers.

A Flashmob is a group of people meeting in a public place for the purpose of doing an unusual or entertaining activity. What could be more unusual or entertaining than singing about our Creator for the other school groups at the Apple Orchard?

We had fun picking Fuji, Winesap, and Golden Delicious apples. Our taste buds were sweetened when we tasted the Apple Orchard honey and apple cider. Then, our spirits were lifted because we sang to those who may not know Jesus. Someday soon we’ll eat of the heavenly fruit and sing with one voice, “Heaven is Cheap Enough!”

Susan Zimmermann