Chop Chop Magazine, is a quarterly magazine filled with nutritious, great-tasting, ethnically diverse and fun recipes. Dr. Simmons and I thought it might be fun to call ourselves ‘The Chop-Chop Ladies’ and occasionally bring unique food, simple vegetarian/vegan recipes for the students to taste and try something different in the world of plant-based food.

Whenever possible, we try to enrich the curriculum using recipes which give a taste of different cultures. Recently, the students in grades 1-4 have been learning about the Indians of the Northeast. These include the Wampanoag who taught the Pilgrims their way of growing food.

The Chop-Chop ladies prepared a Three Sisters Soup. It is called “Three Sisters” because there are three ingredients; beans, squash, and corn that were grown together in the same mound of dirt. Our soup included kidney beans, yellow corn and pureed pumpkin. The soup was a hit! Some students came back for seconds and thirds.

It looks like we can still learn important things from the Wampanoag. Today’s Wampanoag tribe still believes that the Creator gave instructions to their ancestors for growing these three plants together. Giving credit to the Creator is also essential in a small church school called, Lubbock Junior Academy.

Susan Zimmermann