In this nation, we are FREE… so long as we
Fulfill the Requirements for our
Everyday Existence

There is a Standard, which is found in the Laws
of the Land, to which each person is held.
As we keep the Laws, we uphold the
Standard of our Freedom. Failure to
uphold the Standard results in
greater restrictions of our
and ultimately,
its forfeiture.

How much more, then, should we seek to uphold
the Heavenly Standard of Revelation 14:12?

We have freely received authority from Christ
to be the Light of the World: to heal the sick,
to cleanse the unclean, to bring life to the dead,
and to put away evil influences, yet we only
need to look outside of the Church’s doors
to realize that we are not freely giving
our Community the authority
to overcome.

How are they to know that we learned of the Master?
See John 13:34-35.

Brothers and Sister of the Way, Jesus
Fulfilled the Requirements for Eternal Existence
when selflessly He gave His life (daily)
on this Earth. We, through Him, are
more than able to do the very same.
Let us, therefore, be F.R.E.E.:
Fulfilling the Requirements
for our Eternal Existence,
for as John 8:36

“If the Son, therefore, shall make you FREE, you shall be FREE indeed.”