On Friday, September 6, the LJA students attended the 25th anniversary of the Cowboy Symposium at the Lubbock Civic Center. Special events were held for youth which entertained and educated us about early life in Western Texas.

One young woman sang several songs while playing her guitar. She even tried to teach us how to yodel. A cowboy poet from Missouri recited a few humorous poems. Outside the presenter was dressed as an 1867 soldier from Fort Concho in San Angelo, TX. He dressed some of our students in period uniforms and accessories. He even tried to teach the students how to march in line. It was hard to remember to begin your march with the left foot.

The students liked learning how a cowboy uses a horse on a ranch. The presenter works at the 6666 Ranch. He demonstrated how quarter horses are trained at the ranch. We loved watching the horse go through his paces.

Our final session was at the Native American tepee. A group of three Native Americans were sitting around a ceremonial drum playing the drum as they would for a social event in the tribe.

The students were glad to do some learning outside of the classroom.
Susan Zimmermann