Computer use plays a central role in developing and applying scientific knowledge. Computer sites are a tool for acquisition and communication of scientific concepts enabling students to become more active participants in research and learning.

This past week LJA used the Bozeman Science videos to hear an explanation and to see the process of mitosis and meiosis. Other sites used include Khan Academy, Cells Alive, and Lawrence Hall of Science.

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan, a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School. Its stated mission is to provide a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. Khan and his website have been featured on several news networks.

Bozeman Science with high school science teacher, Paul Andersen, develop top quality science videos for middle and high school students.

In summary, computers have changed the way teachers teach. Multi-grade students have access to a whole world of telecommunication allowing students to access national and worldwide educational websites. Immediate access to current scientific thinking helps keep both students and teachers current with content that may not be available in textbooks.

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Susan Zimmermann