A friend of mine recently lost his mother. A week after she passed, his sister found a letter that was penned many years before, and meant to be found after her passing. Within this letter was word after word of love for her husband, children and grandchildren. This was her way of telling them that she loved them dearly, easing their pain, but it was also her opportunity to impart wisdom to the next generation upon her death.

What would you write to the ones you love?

Paul finishes his letter to the people of Colossi with a final message. Within this final message we find inspiration and instruction about living a holy life. In this section of his letter is found a simple list of wise instructions telling how we might be better able to improve this world and our experience here as well. At the center of this appeal is the urgent call to pray.

(Paul) tells them to persevere in prayer. Even for the best of us, there come times when prayer seems to be unproductive and pointless and to penetrate no further than the walls of the room in which we pray. At such a time, the remedy is not to stop but to go on praying; for in those who pray, spiritual dryness cannot last. He tells them to be vigilant in prayer (The Letters to the Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians by William Barclay).

This week, as we finish our final sermon in this series, let us look to see what wisdom and guidance God has in store for us to learn. As Christ uses Paul to teach us, let us grasp these final appeals for Grace and Peace, choosing to live them fully in our lives. By doing so, may we, here in Lubbock, become better agents of Christ.

Grace & Peace!
Pastor Geraldo