. . . just seem to go together. They make a wonderful pair. LJA students have several books and magazines which they are in the process of reading. Each Friday, they work on an art project based on a famous artist’s drawing or paintings. They have done projects based on the ideas of Andy Warhol, Leonardo De Vinci, and Georgia O’Keeffe.

Last Wednesday, students combined two of their favorite joys to help their school and Adventist Disaster Relief Agency (ADRA) Philippine Typhoon project. The Adventist Bookmobile visited the church where church members purchased 18 books for Lubbock Junior Academy. Several students have started to read these books.

Later in the afternoon, LJA students displayed their recent artwork in the church foyer. The art was categorized by the different artists which the students imitated. As people arrived to attend the Chef Mark Anthony healthful cooking program, they admired the students’ art work. Attendees were asked to give a freewill offering to Philippine ADRA as admission to the Lubbock Junior Academy Art Gallery.

Students were happy with the books and excited that the church members and visiting community could see their art talent. It was a good way for them to share their talents in order to give to others.

Susan Zimmermann