I remember when I was four years old, that my uncle lived
in a tall two story apartment building. I used to love going
up there to visit him. I also loved playing with all of his
“cool” toys as he had all sorts of video games, movies and
a great collection of model cars that he would let me examine.
I loved spending time with him there.

This love, however, came with lots of fear, as the only way
to get to his apartment was to climb a very flimsy, outdoor,
fire escape-like staircase that swayed back and forth
as I climbed my way to the second floor. Some of the
steps would give as I climbed seemingly not able to hold
me as I ascended. Worst part of this experience was the
fact that the rails were taller than me. If I was not careful I
could easily fall the 30 feet to the ground below.

Bridge: (verb) –
Make (a difference between two groups)
smaller or less significant

I never admitted this fear to my uncle but I was terrified to
climb the staircase to his apartment. I always loved it when
my uncle offered his hand to me and helped me get up to
his apartment. By extending his hand out to me he would
make that 30 foot height so much shorter and less frightful.
I would hold his hand tightly knowing that as long as I
did I had nothing to fear.

“The Bible: Building a Bridge”

The last few weeks we have been studying and developing
the concept of Small Groups and how we as a Lubbock
Seventh-day Adventist Church want to make sure we follow
God’s Biblical Plan for healthy Church Growth. With
this series we will intentionally try to meet the understanding
of the first part of God’s Plan found in Acts 2:42.>

We will look at the necessity of studying the Bible and its
various sections. We will also look at practical ways to
study God’s Word every day. As we go through God’s
Word, we will find that the Bible was meant to bridge the
gap between our God and us. With this powerful book
God is extending His hand out to us, letting us know that
we have nothing to fear on Earth because He is with us.

Let us study God’s Word together and see all the amazing
ways He bridges the distance between Heaven and Earth.

– Pastor Geraldo