Church History

“Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who
want you in theirs. The ones that accept you for who you
are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile,
and who love you no matter what.” -Unknown Author

“Family” can be one of the greatest blessings we are
fortunate enough to enjoy in life. And the reality of life is
such that sometimes family can really hurt us and it can be
a far cry from what God originally intended family to be.
Family isn’t required to stay in the form of biological
structures that we were born into. Sometimes, and very
often, we create a new family of individuals that shape us,
influence us, protect us, inspire us and are blessings to us.

God always intended for us to be a family. When we
look at the scriptures we see small tight knit communities
that were founded around the family. It started with
Abraham and continues to this day with our Lubbock
Seventh-day Adventist Church. However, along that
journey many bad ideas and examples crept in that
destroyed the original model God developed.
At its core the family was meant to be a tool of
evangelism to share the promise of a Messiah.

Instead, what developed was an exclusive club founded
around certain principles and behaviors that were much
more important than Jesus. These things were valued so
much more than God’s original plan that it led these individuals
to literally kill our Savior.

This week we will be looking at a story that chronicles
a time when the Christian family expanded. As we
spend time studying Acts 10 & 11 we will find some
important lessons that we can apply to our lives.
There are lessons that can be learned regarding
inclusion and there will be lessons to be learned
about understanding one another. The greatest
lesson we should take from this story is that
we are a family and we should have no
favoritism but love for one another.

May you believe that “Church” is meant to be family and
not just a place of segregated inclusion. May we become a
people of God who strive to be more than just blood connections,
but people who love one another.

May the following statement be true of us:
We are the Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church—
The Church that feels like Family!

Peace & Grace,
Pastor Geraldo

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