“…But He has appeared once for all at the
culmination of the ages to do away with sin by
the sacrifice of himself” (Hebrews 9:26, NIV).

Sir Winston Churchill was a political powerhouse. He
was able to defy odds during some of the most incredible
hardships that Britain and the World has ever
faced. As I have been reading through a three volume
tome of his life history, I have learned that he had a rough
upbringing. Even though he came from a privileged background,
his early years had incredible hardships that
formed him in such a way that he learned to never give in.
In the face of sheer physical & mental adversity, Churchill
forged a determination to persevere no matter the foe.

John Simpson, writing for BBC News Magazine, states:
“But it was (Churchill’s) extraordinary leadership in World War
II that marked him out. Bold, brave and tireless in his resolve to
take on the might of Nazi Germany, he inspired a nervous and
hesitant Britain through his sheer energy and force of personality
to defy stark odds and never give in.” http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-30934629

Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of England
when they needed him most. It was his upbringing that
formed him into the leader they needed as they faced the
might of Germany. It was his tireless efforts and inspiration
that helped him succeed. As such, Churchill is considered
one their greatest leaders.

We as Christians have a Leader that also came at just the
right time. In fact, the Bible describes His arrival as
“the culmination of the ages”.

Jesus came when humanity needed Him most, and in His
tireless work Jesus rescued us from the depths of sin.
With Jesus’ ministry we see Him showing up in the lives of
people when they needed Him desperately.

This week as we continue
“The Bible: Building a Bridge”
sermon series, we are entering the Gospel section of
the scriptures. We will be looking at Mark, chapter 5,
the moment when Jesus appeared in the life of a man
that had no hope. This man was considered the worst
that the world had to offer and he was forced to live in a
cemetery. Jesus arrived when this man needed Him most.
Let’s see the life changing renewal that occurs in this
story and let’s see what it means for us today.

-Pastor Geraldo