Dear Church Family,

With excitement and anticipation I write my first letter to my new church family. It will probably be a bit longer than normal because I would like to begin by introducing myself and my family, in addition to some of what is happening in April.

I was born in Berrien Springs, MI. September 14, 1975 to Richard and Lois McCombs while my father was attending seminary. I have one older brother, John McCombs who teaches music at Dakota’s Adventist Academy.

My wife was born on August 6, 1976, in Walla Walla, WA. We met in sixth grade, dated briefly in 8th grade and again at Walla Walla College and got married in 1999. We believe that ministry is a team effort. Junelle loves to sing, write and preaches very effectively. We have been blessed with 3 sons. Hayden is 12, Kyler is 7 and Dylan is 5.

We are not only gaining a new church family but we are expecting a new addition to our family. Our newest family addition is due to arrive sometime in late October.

April will be a very busy month for my family as we try to find a home in Lubbock as well as get our home in the Albuquerque area sold. All of this is made more difficult by the fact that Junelle has severe morning sickness and is unable to do much more then get some food down every day. Please pray for her specifically and us to find the right place.

Although I officially took over April 1st, no it isn’t a joke, I will be doing some commuting as I try to accomplish the above mentioned goals. My wife will most likely be out of commission until late May early June, if the pattern from the previous 3 pregnancies holds. So unfortunately you will be deprived of seeing my better half much until then.

With introductions out of the way let’s look briefly at the preaching schedule. I will be speaking Sabbath April 7th a message on the passion titled The Angels Watched. On the 14th of April we will look at what we were designed to do in a message I entitled The Design. On Sabbath the 21st I am looking forward to sharing a message with you entitled Dirty, Cracked, Pots.

April 28th Lubbock Junior Academy has a very special service planned for us. Don’t miss it!

I have met only a few of you but am greatly looking forward to meeting with and worshiping with you as we join in our journey to the Promised Land.


Pastor Jeremy McCombs
Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church