Pick an apple! Take a bite! Pick an apple, put it in a bag! Fall! The time for the LJA students to take a field trip to the Idalou Apple Orchard where they took a hayride and were dropped off by some beautiful Red Delicious apple trees. Each tree was loaded with fresh apples just waiting to be picked and enjoyed. Students walked away with about five pounds of apples each.

The Idalou Apple Orchard is the only certified organic apple orchard in Texas, with 18 different varieties on close to 6,000 apple trees. Apples are second only to Oranges as the most popular fruit in America.

LJA Students also listened to a presentation about honey and were able to taste some of the yummy honey. The Apple Orchard is a haven for bees. A popular item for sale in the Orchard’s gift shop is a small plastic bear filled with honey. Some students purchased the little honey bear and were very happy with their prize.

We took a detour on the way back to see two unique homes in Ransom Canyon. Students were awed by the Rock House which has over 460 tons of rock and were also amazed by the Steel House built by the late Robert Bruno which took 34 years to complete.

Apples, honey, hayride, and seeing unique homes! What a trip for the senses!

Susan Zimmermann