Under the Leadership of Archel Burda

Theme: Washin’ Up! With the Word of God

Welcome Remarks and Prayer: Archel Burda

Singspiration: “Whisper a prayer in the morning”
“Lord in the morning”

Skit: The Lord’s Prayer Drama Judith Pate

Mission Spotlight: ~ ~ ~ Video ~ ~ ~

Highlight: S.O.A.P. Method for Bible Study

“In your devotional journal or on a scrap piece of prayer write out the one verse that spoke to you the most, the verse that impressed you to stop and ponder.

“What captured your heart …. and your attention as you read this passage? Did God speak to you as you were reading? What did you learn?

” Stop and ponder. What part of this scripture can you apply to your life? Will something change if you do?

“This is the best part. Ask God to give you a clear vision and understanding of this scripture. Ask Him to help you apply it to your
life. Pray over the scripture yourself by adding your name to the verse … make it personal!

Share your S.O.A.P!

Music: Free Verse Wind Quartet

Fire! What Do I Do? Where Do I Go?

It is time for our annual church fire drill which is required by our
church insurance and for the protection of our members and our
church building.

The focus of our drill:
* Do not worry about your personal possessions
* Stay calm and walk slowly to the exit
* After you exit the building NEVER re-enter the building
* Meet your family and friends at your car and
report any missing person

Repeat: NEVER re-enter the building

Prevent fires by:
NEVER have an open flame such as a candle.
NEVER use electric oder or incense burners
ALWAYS unplug all heat producing devices when not in use

Fire extinguishers:
Take note of the fire extinguisher locations as you walk the halls –
Should you need to use one:
P – Pull the pin. (It is there to prevent accidental discharge)
A – Aim low at the base of the fire.
     This is the where the fuel source is.
S – Squeeze the lever above the handle. Release to stop the flow.
S – Sweep from side to side. Move toward the fire, aiming low at its base. Sweep until all flames are extinguished.

We want to thank you for participating and working together to protect all of our church family.