Pastor’s Patch by Pastor Seán Robinson,
January 18, 2003

New Year, New Church home, New Start!

Come let us Worship our Lord…

Friends, if you have not already heard, the Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church is moving to a new home at 5302 Elgin Avenue in Lubbock, Texas. Our Sabbath morning services will be held here starting today; 18 January 2003. While we continue to praise the Lord for opening this opportunity to us, let us begin to think where God is going to take us next.

We are completing final paperwork before closing on the Second Baptist Church, and I know each one of us want to express our gratitude to them for their graciousness and kindness in allowing us to use this facility before closing.

This new start allows us to make new resolves. We are known as a Bible-studying church! Now we want to be known as THE Bible-studying church. We are a house of prayer – but with our new opportunity, why not be known as THE praying church? We are a hospitable church, but let’s seek to be known as THE friendliest and most welcoming church in Lubbock. In every aspect of our church, in all that we do, what we stand for, how we praise the Lord, and most importantly, our Christian relationships with people, let it be known that Seventh-day Adventists live Jesus Christ!

We have taken a bold leap of faith in our willingness to serve the Lord. The founders of our denomination demonstrated their faith, when despite opposition, they preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. The founders of our local church echoed the gospel message in the South Plains from the turn of the last century. As today’s church family, we are moving forward to evangelize the city of Lubbock with the battle cry, “Come let us worship”. May the Lord continue to bless us with all the power of His Holy Spirit, as we embark on this journey into the unknown.

Pastor Seán