Dear Church Family:

How shall I express to
you my many feelings
this morning? My 88
year old mother passed
away earlier this week.
From her birth in
Normandy, France, all
her life, she was a
beautiful, godly woman
and then an excellent
spouse in ministry at
the side of my father in
the old style, the way it
was done in the past, for forty years: twenty in France,
and twenty in Israel. She lived in Jerusalem for the past
40 years, and there we buried my father 19 years ago.
She was in her late 80’s, living independently, vigorous
and in good health as she had been all her life and was
till her death. She walked everywhere for her own
errands and business. She was with us for worship on
Facebook last Sabbath. She peacefully passed away in
her sleep.

I am having to go bury her there next week and I am
leaving this (Thursday) afternoon, before Sabbath,
because that was the only way to make it. Flights have
been extremely difficult to find for each member of the
family going there, due to the holidays coming up in
Israel around this time of year. But God has helped,
guided, and provided. Also, because of the difficulty of
finding flights to Israel this time of year, I will only be
able to be back on September 27, taking advantage of
the one day after the Jewish New Year when the ticket
prices are going a bit down for just one day. I’m flying
back that day. In the meantime, please keep me and us
in your prayers as we plan and carry out our mission
next week. I will miss being with you and will pray for
you as well. I am looking forward to being back
together here for special Sabbaths, communion, and
continuing our life and mission here together.

Thank you to all and especially to those I have been
privileged to already connect with personally, and
those who have been able to be here for me simply by
their presence or in special ways. I am thankful our
local elders have accepted to fill the pulpit, and on
short notice. They are here at your service, especially
in my absence. Kathy Flyger at the church office
continues to be my contact person for us to
communicate as needed. I will not have access to phone
or text (except through using WhatsApp when I have
internet) but I will be able to occasionally check my email.

Love, and may God bless you as He continues to guide
each of us through our personal and church family
experiences on our pilgrimage to Heaven.

Pastor Sam