Our Lubbock Church 2023 Vacation Bible School
(VBS) is coming up this week, starting this Wednesday
July 26 at 5:00 PM, every evening Thursday, Friday at
5:00. A special Children Worship in the main
sanctuary (including baptisms) a fellowship lunch, and a
closing program and social at Saturday evening. I am
excited about it!

Our VBS theme is “To Shine Jesus’ Light.” Through Bible stories, object
lessons, teaching, and adventures, the theme “To Shine Jesus’ Light” will
practically unpack how Jesus’ Light of Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance
shines in the darkness, hate, wars, discord, needs, indifference, and
sadness of this world. This Vacation Bible School will present Jesus and
Jesus alone.

At our VBS, Children from Kindergarten to Fifth grade will be positively
loved, fed the word (and nutritious food) be involved in age-appropriate
ways, inspired, challenged in Bible Adventures: they will be led to
appreciate and share Jesus’ light of love.

At least 20 volunteers are currently registered to do the VBS, and 50 to
60 children are expected to attend. You may still volunteer (contact VBS
Director Archel Burda (909) 238-5240). You may donate. Besides this,
what else can you do? This is a revival for our children and for our entire
church. So, I am asking you to:

1. Pray
You can pray. Think of children and families who regularly attend our
church or whom you may know who do not attend yet but need the
Lord. Make a list. Write it down today. Make a list of volunteers whom
you may or not. Pray for our VBS Director. Pray alone and with others,
before, during, and after each day’s session. Pray for safety. Pray for
God’s spirit to be present. Pray for a great blessing to be poured on the
children, the parents, families, the church, the community.

2. Attend
Your children and grandchildren who attend Lubbock church are
especially invited to attend! They will be missed if they are not present.
They will be delighted to spend daily time with their church friends and
with new friends.

3. Invite
Can we keep the light of Jesus that we have “under a bushel”? No! You
can invite children and families whom you know who need Jesus! Ask for
advertising material or make some copies. Make it a priority today.
Offer transportation. Invite.

The children will be safe: physical security and safety are most important.
They will benefit from a professionally conducted program. It will be fun
and spiritual. And as the Bible and Ellen White instruct us (“the truth is
progressive”) no subject will be broached that would make anyone
uncomfortable or feel condemned or unwelcome. Jesus will be here, who
“Let the little children come unto me.”
Matthew 19: 14
Our Lubbock Church upcoming Vacation Bible School (July 26-29) is a
major, number one Lubbock Church revival and evangelistic event within
the Texico Conference for children and families in the Lubbock Church
and the Lubbock community. God wants all of us to be involved
someway, somehow. God will make this a great success of Salvation in
Jesus for His name’s Honor and Glory.
With Love,
Dr. Sam Garbi