The Seventh-day Adventist Educational System
Existing since the 1870’s, the Seventh-day Adventist
educational system is one of the largest Christian
educational systems in the world. In all Adventist
educational institutions, its aim is to promote holistic
education –

mental, physical, social, and spiritual health,
intellectual growth, and service to humanity.

Disclaimer and Benefits
No matter what we do or don’t do, and no matter where our children
go to school or not, there is no complete guarantee given anyone that
our children will turn (or not turn) one way or another.
But with all this said, statistics tell us that:
our children have a better chance of becoming lifelong learners of Christ,
and well-accultured and retained as active members within our church,
when they are enrolled from an early age
in school environments in which
Christ is front and center, in school mission statements,
and in the life of educators, children, and parents –
i.e., in Adventist educational settings.

My & My Family Experience In Seventh-Day Adventist Schools
There were no Seventh-day Adventist Primary or High Schools in France
during the time when I was growing up there. But when I was of age, I
attended our Seminary there, followed by one year at Atlantic Union
College. Then, the wonderful spiritual, cultural, and educational
environment of Andrews University while my wife and I did postgraduate work there.
All my parishes were constituents of church schools and four of them
had their own church school. The excellent older principal of my first
school and his Filipino wife became my first mentors. The school in my
third parish originally had low enrollment but was then revitalized to over
35 students.
Our children attended two Adventist schools in Maryland, and three in
Wisconsin. Two of our children studied in four of our universities in the
US, one of them taking advantage of Adventist educational and cultural
opportunities abroad in Europe and the middle east. They participated in
life-changing domestic and foreign mission trips and humanitarian work
organized by their schools.
The years we all spent in Adventist education were filled with
great educational, spiritual, social, travel, service and mission
opportunities; they have been some of the best of our lives
and I am grateful for them.

Your Consideration and Endorsement
So, I am glad to propose to your consideration our local


We have an excellent teacher: Mr. Bim Paez offers experience and high
personal dedication and spiritual qualifications. I know him to be faithful,
diligent, friendly, loving, professional, fun, and spiritual. I have no doubt
that under his guidance at Lubbock Junior Academy,
your children can be competitively educated,
get personal attention, be well-loved,
physically safe and protected from bullying and unwanted influences,
raised in the admonition of the Lord,
and make friends for life.

So, prayerfully consider the step of enrolling for the
2023-2024 school year.
Working together, homes, schools, and churches
cooperate with divine agencies
to prepare learners to be
good citizens and good
lifelong followers of Christ.

With love,
Dr. Sam Garbi