One…One person,
one word, one dollar…When
you think of the value of one,
we don’t think much of it.
We live in a world now
where one dollar doesn’t get
you far. One Penny can no
longer buy you even a piece
of gum. Most everything is
expensive, most everything
cost so much more than the
actual value that it holds. I need a new truck, but the value of
one truck is greater than my 1 paycheck can manage to pay.

Place this perspective in our effect on others for
Heaven! It only takes one person to reach another, it only
takes one act to show someone Jesus! It only took One Savior
to make Heaven attainable! As we gear up for a summer of
traveling camp it’s our goal to show your One young person
their One Jesus! We look forward to that one moment, one
conversation, one activity, and one experience where we can
share Jesus. We have an amazing God who longs to not just do
one small thing through us but show up in ways that have one
eternal affect! We look forward to your young person seeing
who God is in ways that we don’t even know yet! We long for
one moment where Jesus does not just belong to the churches
but become each young person’s friend and savior!

We have spent time in Albuquerque attending summer camp
training and are currently in Dallas Texas attending the Lake
Whitney Summer Camp training program. We look forward to
launching rockets, driving RC cars, making lava lamps, tie dye
shirts, and so much more!

We are dedicated to not just entertaining but
ministering to our Texico Young people! We hope that you
will send your young person and share it with others in your
neighborhood and sphere of influence! Do not hesitate to
reach out and ask any one of the Texico on the Go team for
more info!

As for Texico Youth Department’s other programs
that are in the works…We are always busy and planning
opportunities for the young people of the Texico Conference!
We have many new things to look forward to! July 28-30 we
have the FESJA Program in Cloudcroft NM! In August we are
excited to release news and plans for a Youth Sabbath School
Training program at the Sandia View Academy sponsored by
the North American Division! Stay tuned for more details!
Beginning in September we kick off the return from summer
with Pathfinder Camporee in your back yard, Palo Duro
Canyon on September 1-3! Adventurer Family camp Kicks off
at the end of September (29-Oct. 1) at Inlow Baptist camp!
November we are also finalizing plans for an exciting traveling
Dinosaur program that we cannot say much about at this time
besides keep checking our social media outlets for more info!

We have many more things happening that encourage
our Texico Young people to have a relationship with Jesus!
If you have any questions about upcoming events or need
more info do not hesitate to reach out!!
Remember we love you, but Jesus loves you best!!

Pastor Eric Chavez,
Texico Conference Youth Director