Memorial Day Weekend: the beginning of
summer, picnics, the opening of pools, sales,
and paid time off from work. I enjoy all those
things, but I would like to spend a few lines on
the meaning of Memorial Day, a day to

Remembering Our Fallen American Veterans On
Memorial Day
I am an American who was born in France, of parents who
both suffered as children during WWII. They gratefully
remembered. And I gratefully remember our fallen Veterans
that made my childhood freedom possible. On Memorial Day
we honor those who died that we might continue enjoying
peace, prosperity, freedom and democracy, and the ideals of
“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
Remembering the Death of Jesus On Memorial Day
But in the context of the ultimate battle between good and
evil, I also remember Jesus, who lived to free us from the
servitude to hate, sin and unforgiveness, till He was executed.
He died. Now, Jesus continues to comfort, inform and
empower us through His Holy Spirit of Love, having assured us
of His power and presence with us, and of the ultimate victory
of God in the world, as we continue His mission of Love.

Remembering Christian Martyrs On Memorial Day
Thirdly therefore, Memorial Day also reminds me of Christian
soldiers who have died in their Lord’s service: the apostles;
those killed under Nero and during the first centuries of
persecutions; martyred at the hands of hostile governments,
mobs, and religions, and at the hands of church leaders; those
who died on the mission field. Christians are persecuted
around the planet today. Thank God for freedom of speech &
religion here in America, and for those who’ve fought for it.

Remembering to be Like Jesus On Memorial Day
But because Christians here enjoy many freedoms and
privileges, and because of current identification between
Christianity and American Nationalism, Christians here today
can be tempted to take intolerant and aggressive non-Christ
like stances in “defending” the faith. Instead of being the
persecuted ones, they become persecuting power. Therefore,
Memorial Day stands for me as a call to not be so; not to be
the ones doing the persecuting; not to be the ones who, on
the basis or claims of “Christianity,” make other persons
suffer. Jesus, the “Captain of our Faith,” was a Pacifist who
worked for love and forgiveness. He never engaged in negative
forceful action against anyone, “saint” or “sinner,” never led a
single crusade; Jesus advocated tolerance and love for all
humans, His brethren.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend.
With love,

Pastor Sam