Lubbock Junior Academy (LJA) has been the
(Number One Priority) ministry of the
Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Since 2010 Lubbock church has operated
this educational institution for the benefit of
its membership and of the community.

Though LJA receives subsidies from the Texico Conference,
the school is heavily funded by the financial support of the
Lubbock church, through regular donations and with the
help of fund raisers organized by the Lubbock Home and
School Association. Several such events took place this past
school year under the leadership of Janie Perez. The LJA
International Food Fair will take place today at Fellowship
Lunch time, right after our worship.

Ten students are currently enrolled, from 2nd to 8th grade,
including three from our Spanish speaking congregation, and
also one student who is not a member of the Lubbock
church. Two students will be graduating this year, with
graduation exercises scheduled for Wednesday, May 17.
Some of our recent LJA alumni attend Sandia View Academy
in NM and Campion Academy in CO.

Registration is currently open for families who may be
interested but have not registered. Please contact either
teacher, any LJA Board member, or the pastor.

Under the supervision of the Texico Conference Education
Department and of the LJA School Board, the two teachers
provide education as well as spiritual guidance to the
students. We are grateful for their ministry. Teachers are
assisted by volunteers from the church who offer tutoring
and teaching in extra-curricular subjects. Beside academics,
activities include PE, Music, Art, field trips, spiritual
education and events. Worship is held in each classroom
daily, with all-school worship in the LJA chapel every Friday
morning. The Home and School Association has been very
active this year. Everyone enjoyed all seven events and are
grateful. This school year, there were two separate weeks
of Spiritual Emphasis with the cooperation of the pastor,
church members, and the Lubbock YAM’s. We are grateful
for the part everyone plays to make LJA a reality and a
success: especially, our parents, students, teachers, school
administration, school board members, helpers, sponsors,
and all the church members who lift LJA up in prayer daily.

We extend a warm Welcome to our Speaker today, Elder
Sandra Patterson, She is the Superintendent of Education
for the Texico Conference. She has extensive experience as
an educator in our Conference. She also serves as Head
Elder of the Corrales Seventh-day Adventist Church in
Corrales, NM. We pray for continued blessings through
her ministry and look forward to her message to us this

With Love,
Pastor Sam