The YAM’s and the ACF
Lubbock is a University Town and, since 2016,
few things are more pleasant at Lubbock
church than to see conversations, friendship,
and love exchanged by Lubbock Church young
adults as they linger in the front of the
sanctuary by the piano every Sabbath, long after
everyone else is gone. The group is
affectionately called the YAM’s (Young Adult Ministry), and
indeed, our YAM’s are “nutritious,” warmly and colorfully
diverse, fun and oh, so sweet! They grace our church services
with music, presentations, this weekend with a special event, and
today the entire worship service. We love them and are grateful
for them.

There is hardly a weekend when they don’t gather twice: Friday
evening for vespers, and Saturday evening for fellowship. About
15 of them are part of the core group with occasional and
regular visitors. They spend time discussing from the Bible
spiritual topics applicable to daily life today. Then, the YAM’s
also have fun and fellowship. They usually vote at the end of
their meeting what place to have a bite, though lately, Domino
Pizza has been a good choice they can enjoy while playing board
games in their own Lubbock church lounge, in the SE corridor of
our building. They’ve held Christmas and Thanksgiving meals.
They are a welcoming and close-knit group: when desired they
sometimes celebrate group members’ birthdays. The YAM’s are
active in church services, in ministry to surrounding Adventist
churches and in outreach ministries such as community Food

ACF (Adventist Christian Fellowship) is a sister organization of
the YAM’s that focuses on Adventist fellowship and presence at
our Lubbock Texas Tech University Campus. It is fully organized
with a president, VP, Treasurer and Secretary. Whereas the
YAM’s sponsor is Daniel Davis, the ACF sponsor is one of our
members who is Faculty at Texas Tech, Dr. Anita McChesney.
ACF’s specific activities at the Texas Tech campus include
“tabling” outreach on campus. 30-50 Texas Tech students
recently passed by at the ACF’s latest “tabling” event, with 10 to
15 showing interest in finding out more about ACF. Six students
who are not members of Lubbock church regularly attend ACF
activities, including one who is not a Seventh-day Adventist.

This weekend, our young adults have organized and are hosting
with Lubbock church the “Hub City Summit.” The goal of this
event is to bring young adults together, introduce young people
to the ACF campus organization, spread the love of Jesus in the
Lubbock community, and pray for the Holy Spirit. This weekend,
our young adult group is leading out in Friday night and Saturday
night vespers and the Sabbath church service. This Sabbath
afternoon, they will be involved in outreach through homeless
ministry, literature evangelism, and a mini health lecture for the
church. “We want to thank Lubbock church and the Texas and
Texico conferences for supporting this event. Our prayer is that
everyone involved will be blessed by the Holy Spirit and that the
Advent movement would continue to grow.”
Love those YAM’s!

With Love
Pastor Sam