Dear Church Family
A warm welcome back to our former
Interim Pastor and my current Pastor,
Kathie and Elder Phil Robertson,
Executive Secretary and Treasurer of the
Texico Conference. So glad that they drove
back home to Lubbock Church today;
we’re looking forward to your words, and
Today’s worship showcases our annual LJA Christmas
Cantata. Thanks to LJA Teacher Bim Paez for selecting the
“You are His Treasurer” cantata and for preparing it with
the students and additional participating church children,
Thanks to each and all involved. Christmas themed
luncheon follows.
Logistical items to continue preparing for Christmas
Communion next Sabbath, December 24:
Spiritual Preparation: We received some positive feedback
about last Pastor’s Page emphasis on spiritual preparation;
there’s still time to do it.
Foot Washing before Worship: Foot-washing stations will be
prepared and available to everyone in the lounge (i.e. the
Fellowship Hall) as soon as you come in, and before the
worship starts. Foot-washing will only be offered before
worship starts.
How Communion Will Be Served: As part of our 2022 “Walk
to Bethlehem” all participants will be invited to walk to the
Table to partake of the emblems there. This will be a joyful,
intimate, and reverent occasion. Each will go in one of two
lines (i.e., left and right) down the center aisle (i.e., one on
each side) starting with the first row. In the front, each will
individually partake of the bread and cup and return their
empty cup. Each will then quietly return to their row
through the side aisles. You are asked to remain seated in
silence and in prayer in your seat until all have partaken.
Communion will be served in the pews by the deacons for
those who have difficulty walking.
A note regarding Financial Stewardship as you prepare
for the end of 2022, God has blessed you and you have
been generous. Thank you and praise be to God. Our tithe
and offerings are a few dollars down from 2021 (which was
an exceptional year). As the Wise Persons in the Christmas
Story, don’t forget to close well your 2022 tithe and
offering donations by December 31, so that you receive all
the deductions you deserve, and so that God is honored as
your income and life Giver.
Safe travels to all who may be travelling. Joyous Holidays
to all. May the light of Christ shine on us wherever we are
and till we’re back together again.

With love,
Pastor Sam