Dear Church Family:
I’ve now been at Lubbock a full three months
and I am even more excited than
when I started. During this time, I have
aimed at setting a Spiritual Basis. I have
put visitation, study, music, and scholarship
at the service of the good news of
God’s love in Jesus.

Now, what’s next, as we’re entering the new year?
Here are some priorities and plans.

1. Continuing to GetAcquainted: I’ve made close to 100
field visits, and I’ve participated in most church ministries
and activities. I’ve gotten to get personally acquainted with
many of you. But there are still a good number I don’t
KNOW well or at all. You attend every Sabbath but until
we’ve met outside of church, I neither know you nor how I
can best serve you. So, please reach out to me so we can
meet a few moments during the week.

2. Worship and technology: worship is the number one
activity most people are a part of in church. We’ve had
Sabbaths when 250 people attended online, beyond some
175 in-person. We’ll continue improving worship so all can
see and hear well, and you are INSPIRED on your spiritual
path. We’ll do this through planning, team preparation,
readiness, feedback, and technology that are adequate and
work together to deliver. Again, input from you will be
needed through relationships and feedback.

3. Christian Education, Fellowship and Ministry are
three interlinked interests of mine. To increase the number
of persons sharing their lives and being involved in all
Christian Education opportunities, at Sabbath School and in
other groups. Enrollment, practical training, monitoring and
collaboration will be provided so you can feel more
CONNECTED, supported, and useful in your life and

4. Leadership Development: Always and everywhere
there is a number gap between those who are both elected
and active, and those who could be involved but are not yet
so in activities that give their life meaning. We’re working
on prioritizing reducing that gap through enrollment,
mentoring, and leadership development. God will help you
serve so you are a blessing and more FULFILLED.

5. Other Areas are also still in the works and will come
in due time. There is no rush to anything, especially as we
can see God shepherding our church through multiple
coincidental happenings that come just at the right time.
These are PROMISES for the future: God has led, and God
will lead. As we cooperate, He will fulfill in us and through
us all the wonderful plans He has for us this year 2023.

With Love,
Pastor Sam